APS employee drafted anti-solar letter signed by AZ congressmen

Rooftop solar companies are using deceptive marketing to push risky leases on consumers, and federal regulators need to step in. That was the message sent by six Arizona congressmen in letters to the Federal Trade Commission and the recently created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But one of those letters was originally drafted by an employee of Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility and one of the largest campaign donors for the group of lawmakers.

AZCIR awarded $100,000 grant from Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

The Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, a statewide nonprofit investigative journalism organization, has received a $100,000 grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation. The grant will help fund AZCIR’s daily operations and further develop its data analysis service for partner newsrooms and produce data-driven accountability journalism projects on important public policy issues.

Data show suicides using guns double the number of murders

Americans are twice as likely to die from turning guns on themselves as they are to be murdered with one. Now, gun shops and ranges are joining up with prevention specialists to try to prevent suicides. A national News21 analysis of 2012 data found 18,602 firearm suicides in 44 states compared with about 9,655 firearm homicides in 49 states.

Armed teachers aim to defend K-12 schools

No one knows how many teachers are armed, but the debate is at full volume: Does it protect children from shootings by intruders or put them at risk of classroom accidents? A number of states and school districts – from Utah and Texas to Tennessee and Georgia – allow principals, teachers and other school personnel to carry guns in K-12 schools.

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