Monday Muckreads, 1/6/14

Phoenix area residents are expected to pay out $21 million for charges against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio after a court ruled that his office racially profiled Latinos. “Maricopa County also would have to pick up an additional $10 million in staff and other costs each year beginning in mid-2015 to comply with the judge’s order against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office,” according to the Associated Press.

Monday Muckreads, 12/15/13

An Arizona Republic investigation looked at Border Patrol incidents and found “on-duty Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers have killed at least 42 people, including at least 13 Americans,” since 2005 with little public repercussions. The story package includes a glimpse into people killed due to rock-throwing, an interactive feature detailing these incident reports from 2010 to 2012, and a database of the full records of the 42 deaths.

Monday Muckreads 12/9/13

A four-part series starts with the main findings of an Arizona Republic analysis of the state’s wildfires, which found these forests to be “dangerously overgrown.” According to the Republic, this hasn’t hindered development. “Since 1990 [Arizonans] built more than 230,000 homes and other structures in wildfire-prone areas, creating risks for themselves and the firefighters called upon to protect them.”

Monday Muckreads, 12/2/13

The Arizona Lottery assures consumers in its ads that revenue from ticket purchases goes to education, health and public welfare, the environment and economic development. The Arizona Republic investigated and analyzed 30 years of lottery revenue data and found that of the funds generated in recent years, “less money has gone to those promised areas of focus, while more has gone toward prizes and retailer bonuses — and into the state’s general fund, where it is impossible to track how specific general-fund dollars are spent.”

Monday Muckreads: 11/25/13

Arizona’s Child Protective Services division, as reported in The Arizona Republic and other Arizona news organizations, uncovered 6,000 allegations of child abuse cases that were never investigated. The cases date back to 2009, with 5,000 of those within the last 20 months, according to the Republic.

Monday Muckreads: 11/4/13

ProPublica revisits states that previously fell under Section 5 jurisdiction and how things have changed since the provision was deemed unconstitutional. An interactive map shows the states affected, and the story outlined each state’s changes to election laws since the Supreme Court ruling.

Monday Muckreads: 10/28/13

The Arizona Republic looked into misconduct by state prosecutors in cases involving a death sentence since 2002. They found “prosecutorial misconduct was alleged by appellate attorneys” in half of these cases. That misconduct could be classified from “being over emotional to encouraging perjury.” Decisions in these cases are only sometimes overturned.

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