Monday Muckreads: 11/25/13

Arizona’s Child Protective Services division, as reported in The Arizona Republic and other Arizona news organizations, uncovered 6,000 allegations of child abuse cases that were never investigated. The cases date back to 2009, with 5,000 of those within the last 20 months, according to the Republic.

Monday Muckreads: 11/4/13

ProPublica revisits states that previously fell under Section 5 jurisdiction and how things have changed since the provision was deemed unconstitutional. An interactive map shows the states affected, and the story outlined each state’s changes to election laws since the Supreme Court ruling.

Monday Muckreads: 10/28/13

The Arizona Republic looked into misconduct by state prosecutors in cases involving a death sentence since 2002. They found “prosecutorial misconduct was alleged by appellate attorneys” in half of these cases. That misconduct could be classified from “being over emotional to encouraging perjury.” Decisions in these cases are only sometimes overturned.

Monday Muckreads: 10/21/13

Real estate experts are predicting a boost in home sales, according to the Arizona Republic. Buyers who were reluctant to put their homes up for sale in previous years are feeling good about recent sales. Fewer foreclosures and short sales mean fewer investors interested in buying properties, which is good news for traditional homebuyers.

Monday Muckreads: 10/14/13

Starting next year, voters in Arizona who register with a federal form – which does not require proof of U.S. citizenship – will be required to use a federal ballot and only vote in federal elections. Voters who register with a state form and provide a proof of citizenship will be required to use a state ballot and can vote in federal, state and local elections.

Monday Muckreads: 10/7/13

A Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Investigation Team report contains recommendations for future wildfire safety, but the Arizona Republic and 12 News found experts who said these recommendations aren’t helpful enough. The experts said the report “failed to deliver the types of takeaways that previous post-fatal-fire investigations have.”

Record Numbers of Female Vets Strain System

This report is part of a project on post-9/11 veterans in America produced by the Carnegie-Knight News21 program. The Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting is pleased to provide a series of these stories, many of which have ties to Arizona, for our readers. About...

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