In Arizona:

Arizona Republic (10/20/13) – “Metro Phoenix housing: Homebuyer revival transforms market

Real estate experts are predicting a boost in home sales, according to the Arizona Republic. Buyers who were reluctant to put their homes up for sale in previous years are feeling good about recent sales. Fewer foreclosures and short sales mean fewer investors interested in buying properties, which is good news for traditional homebuyers.

The investigation includes median home prices across the Valley and a time-lapse map of foreclosures in the area from the past decade.


Center for Investigative Reporting (10/10/13) – “VA doctors tell House lawmakers of pressure to prescribe veterans opiates

After the Center for Investigative Reporting released its findings about the Department of Veterans Affairs overprescription of painkillers, the VA addressed these concerns at a House hearing last week. Dr. Robert Jesse, the VA’s principal deputy undersecretary for health, told the health subcommittee of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs that the overprescription of these painkillers to returning veterans was “part of a national crisis that extends beyond the agency.”

The original investigation by CIR is worth an in-depth read as well. Readers can check out an interactive map and drill down on their local VA to see the level of prescription drug use in their area.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (10/12/13) – “The Course of Their Lives

This four-part series explores a class all medical students must take during their first year: gross anatomy. The series looks at the students and how they view the value of dissecting human cadavers, the dead who chose to donate their bodies to research, the feelings associated with holding human organs in your hands, and the core of medical and ethical questions doctors across the country face. The series includes photos, videos and animations.