In Arizona:, 1/2/14, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio racial profiling costs taxpayers $21M”

Phoenix area residents are expected to pay out $21 million for charges against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio after a court ruled that his office racially profiled Latinos. “Maricopa County also would have to pick up an additional $10 million in staff and other costs each year beginning in mid-2015 to comply with the judge’s order against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office,” according to the Associated Press.

Cronkite News Online, 12/13/13, “‘Pension poachers’ profit off benefits meant for elderly veterans, widows”

A Cronkite News reporter found that some unethical financial advisers are taking advantage of a federal program intended to provide pensions for older war veterans. These pension poachers “are taking advantage of veterans, selling unneeded services, making promises they can’t keep and helping hide assets for veterans who may then be unable to access their own funds if they need them.”


ProPublica, 12/30/13, “The Fix Isn’t In: Why a Safety Device That Can Stop Overdoses by Kids Isn’t Widely Used”

“Each year, more and more kids were being rushed to emergency rooms after swallowing potentially toxic doses of medication,” according to an investigation by ProPublica. These incidents could be lessened by a safety valve added to medicine bottles, but cost restrictions and governmental inaction have prevented this simple fix from becoming widespread.

Washington Post, 1/3/14, “For rent in South Dakota: Storage facilities where you can shelter your wealth forever”

In order to reduce taxes, some wealthy families are buying up South Dakota addresses to take advantage of the state’s trust laws. According to the Washington Post, “in the past four years, the amount of money administered by South Dakota trust companies such as these has tripled to $121 billion, almost all of it from out of state… Little more than renting an address in Sioux Falls is required to take advantage of South Dakota’s tax-friendly trust laws.”