Despite warnings, safeguard to prevent extremist training for law enforcement removed

A rule change that lowers the bar for extremist organizations to radicalize law enforcement through training was enacted on April 5, despite a series of letters from civil rights groups urging Arizona’s governor and attorney general to take preemptive action. The groups are particularly worried about so-called “constitutional sheriff” training, which they say contains false…

Experts warn of extremist push to expand sheriffs’ role in elections

Election and domestic extremism experts warn that so-called “constitutional sheriff” groups are compounding problems created by disinformation campaigns and undermining public confidence in elections and law enforcement, setting the stage for situations that can lead to voter intimidation and ultimately subvert free and fair elections.

Arizona ‘ground zero’ for extremist, anti-government sheriff movement

More than half of Arizona’s county sheriffs are at least partially aligned with a growing movement of so-called “constitutional sheriffs,” with an ideology that threatens to radicalize law enforcement by indoctrinating them with false legal theories about a sheriff’s authority over state and federal government, and a duty to nullify laws they interpret as unconstitutional.…

Law enforcement predicts seizures won’t be curbed by new reforms

Despite being hailed as a landmark series of reforms by proponents, Arizona law enforcement officials say changes enacted this year to Arizona’s civil asset forfeiture program won’t do much to curb the ability of police to seize cash and property from those they suspect of breaking the law.

Legislature taking up major civil asset forfeiture reforms

Following a yearlong AZCIR investigation finding lax oversight of a program that allowed Arizona law enforcement agencies to seize $200 million from people suspected of committing crimes – spending half on general operations, the Arizona Legislature is considering a measure that would fundamentally alter how police agencies take a private citizen’s money or property.

Crystal’s Cage

Her mother romanced a prison guard. Then a detective. One gave Crystal life. The other helped dig the 3-year-old’s grave. This is the story of her brief existence and the cold case investigation into her murder, as told through nearly two decades of police reports and court testimony.

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