After refusing to release school letter grade records distributed to Arizona public schools and claiming that no list of all scores existed, the Arizona Department of Education has reversed course and released the school letter grades to media outlets who sought them.

The release of the records comes after ADE and State Board of Education officials urged school district administrators to keep the scores secret, even though those administrators were able to access their schools’ grades and appeal them.

In a September 22 press release, state officials described the records as “embargoed,” though no such legal framework exists.

First Amendment attorney Dan Barr said as long as the records exist, they are subject to Arizona’s public records laws.

“I’ve never seen a public document be embargoed,” Barr said.

On Thursday, ADE security guards forcibly removed an AZCIR reporter from the agency’s Capitol Mall office, told him he was trespassing and threatened to call state police after the reporter asked to inspect the school letter grade records. Arizona’s public records laws explicitly require public records to be made available for inspection during normal business hours.

ADE Director of Communications Dan Godzich said in an email Friday to AZCIR that agency officials wanted to “respect the wishes of the State Board of Education by not releasing to the public the A-F school grades data base (sic) before it was finalized for release on October 9, 2017.”

“Upon conferring with counsel at the State Attorney General’s Office, it has been determined that the A-F grade data base, even though still-a-work (sic) in progress, should be treated as a public record,” Godzich wrote. “Please take into consideration that this is a file still being worked on and the file that will be released on October 9th will have differences.”

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4710St Johns Middle SchoolA
4711St Johns High SchoolB
4714Tsehootsooi Intermediate Learning CenterD
4716Tsehootsooi Middle SchoolD
4717Window Rock High SchoolF
4719Round Valley Elementary SchoolC
4720Round Valley Middle SchoolC
4721Round Valley High SchoolC
4722Sanders Elementary SchoolD
4723Sanders Middle SchoolD
4724Valley High SchoolC
4725Ganado Elementary SchoolD
4727Ganado Middle SchoolD
4728Ganado High SchoolC
4731Chinle Junior High SchoolD
4732Chinle Elementary SchoolB
4733Canyon De Chelly Elementary SchoolB
4734Many Farms Elementary SchoolD
4735Tsaile Elementary SchoolB
4736Mesa View ElementaryC
4737Chinle High SchoolD
4738Red Mesa Elementary SchoolF
4739Round Rock Elementary SchoolNR
4740Red Mesa Junior High SchoolD
4741Red Mesa High SchoolC
4742Concho Elementary SchoolC
4743Alpine Elementary SchoolA
4744Vernon Elementary SchoolB
4745Mcnary Elementary SchoolF
4748Colonel Smith Middle SchoolB
4749Huachuca City SchoolD
4750Walter J Meyer SchoolC
4751Tombstone High SchoolB
4752Greenway Primary SchoolD
4753Lowell SchoolC
4754Bisbee High SchoolC
4755Willcox Elementary SchoolB
4756Willcox Middle SchoolB
4757Willcox High SchoolC
4758Bowie Elementary SchoolNR
4759Bowie High SchoolNR
4760San Simon SchoolBD
4761St David Elementary SchoolB
4762St David High SchoolB
4765Clawson SchoolB
4766Joe Carlson Elementary SchoolD
4767Faras Elementary SchoolC
4768Sarah Marley SchoolC
4769Stevenson Elementary SchoolB
4770Ray Borane Middle SchoolF
4771Paul H Huber Jr High SchoolD
4773Douglas High SchoolC
4775Bella Vista Elementary SchoolB
4776Carmichael Elementary SchoolC
4777Huachuca Mountain Elementary SchoolB
4778Pueblo Del Sol Elementary SchoolB
4779Town & Country Elementary SchoolC
4780Village Meadows Elementary SchoolB
4781Joyce Clark Middle SchoolC
4783Buena High SchoolB
4784Naco Elementary SchoolC
4785Cochise Elementary SchoolB
4787Double Adobe Elementary SchoolNR
4788Palominas Elementary SchoolB
4789Coronado Elementary SchoolB
4790Mcneal Elementary SchoolB
4793Benson Primary SchoolB
4794Benson Middle SchoolC
4795Elfrida Elementary SchoolD
4796Pearce Elementary SchoolB
4797Ash Creek ElementaryNR
4798Pomerene Elementary SchoolB
4799Benson High SchoolA
4800Valley Union High SchoolC
4804Manuel DeMiguel Elementary SchoolB
4805Sturgeon Cromer Elementary SchoolC
4806Lura Kinsey Elementary SchoolD
4807Eva Marshall Elementary SchoolC
4808W F Killip Elementary SchoolC
4811Charles W Sechrist Elementary SchoolB
4812John Q Thomas Elementary SchoolC
4814Leupp Public SchoolD
4815Thomas M Knoles Elementary SchoolC
4817Mount Elden Middle SchoolC
4819Flagstaff High SchoolC
4820Coconino High SchoolC
4822Williams Elementary/Middle SchoolB
4823Williams High SchoolB
4824Grand Canyon ElementaryC
4825Grand Canyon High SchoolC
4826Fredonia Elementary SchoolB
4828Fredonia High SchoolDC
4829Desert View Elementary IntermediateC
4831Page Middle SchoolD
4832Page High SchoolC
4833Tuba City Primary SchoolD
4834Dzil Libei Elementary SchoolNR
4835Gap Primary SchoolNR
4837Tuba City Junior High SchoolD
4838Tuba City High SchoolC
4839Maine Consolidated SchoolB
4841Pine Forest SchoolC
4842Flagstaff Arts And Leadership AcademyBC
4843Mountain SchoolB
4845Northland Preparatory AcademyBA
4849Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff - CampusB
4851Flagstaff Junior AcademyC
4854Copper Rim Elementary SchoolD
4855Globe High SchoolD
4856Rim Country Middle SchoolB
4857Julia Randall Elementary SchoolB
4860Payson High SchoolB
4863San Carlos SecondaryFD
4868Lee Kornegay Intermediate SchoolC
4869Miami Junior Senior High SchoolDC
4870Leonor Hambly K-8B
4873Hayden High SchoolC
4874Young Elementary SchoolNR
4875Young High SchoolNR
4876Pine Strawberry Elementary SchoolA
4877Tonto Basin ElementaryA
4879Dan Hinton Accommodation SchoolNRNR
4881Dorothy Stinson SchoolA
4882Lafe Nelson SchoolB
4883Safford Middle SchoolC
4884Safford High SchoolB
4887Thatcher Elementary SchoolC
4888Thatcher Middle SchoolB
4889Thatcher High SchoolC
4890Pima Elementary SchoolC
4891Pima High SchoolB
4892Fort Thomas Elementary SchoolC
4893Fort Thomas High SchoolDC
4894Solomon Elementary SchoolC
4896Bonita Elementary SchoolC
4897Triumphant Learning CenterB
4898Discovery Plus AcademyC
4902Duncan ElementaryC
4903Duncan High SchoolB
4906Morenci High SchoolB
4907Metcalf Elementary SchoolB
4908Blue Elementary SchoolNRNR
4913Adams Elementary SchoolC
4915Edison Elementary SchoolC
4916Emerson Elementary SchoolC
4917Franklin Elementary SchoolA
4918Hawthorne Elementary SchoolC
4919Holmes Elementary SchoolC
4920Irving Elementary SchoolB
4921Jefferson Elementary SchoolB
4922Lehi Elementary SchoolB
4923Lincoln Elementary SchoolC
4924Longfellow Elementary SchoolB
4925Lowell Elementary SchoolD
4926Franklin West ElementaryB
4927Webster Elementary SchoolB
4928Whittier Elementary SchoolB
4929Whitman Elementary SchoolA
4930Taft Elementary SchoolA
4931Hale Elementary SchoolA
4932Eisenhower Center for InnovationC
4933Roosevelt Elementary SchoolB
4934Lindbergh Elementary SchoolB
4935Redbird Elementary SchoolB
4936Salk Elementary SchoolC
4937Field Elementary SchoolB
4938Washington Elementary SchoolA
4939Stevenson Elementary SchoolC
4940Keller Elementary SchoolB
4941MacArthur Elementary SchoolB
4943Pomeroy Elementary SchoolA
4944Highland Elementary SchoolB
4945Crismon Elementary SchoolB
4946Robson Elementary SchoolC
4947Sirrine Elementary SchoolB
4948Johnson Elementary SchoolB
4949O'Connor Elementary SchoolB
4951Mendoza Elementary SchoolB
4952Ishikawa Elementary SchoolB
4953Madison Elementary SchoolB
4954Sousa Elementary SchoolC
4955Hermosa Vista Elementary SchoolA
4956Falcon Hill Elementary SchoolB
4957Porter Elementary SchoolB
4958Kerr Elementary SchoolC
4959Entz Elementary SchoolB
4960Red Mountain Ranch ElementaryB
4961Bush ElementaryB
4962Las Sendas Elementary SchoolA
4967Eagleridge Enrichment ProgramC
4969Carson Junior High SchoolC
4970Kino Junior High SchoolD
4971Fremont Junior High SchoolB
4973Poston Junior High SchoolB
4974Rhodes Junior High SchoolC
4975Taylor Junior High SchoolC
4977Shepherd Junior High SchoolC
4979Stapley Junior High SchoolB
4980Mesa High SchoolC
4981Westwood High SchoolC
4982Mountain View High SchoolB
4983Dobson High SchoolC
4984Red Mountain High SchoolB
4986Vulture Peak Middle SchoolC
4987Wickenburg High SchoolNRC
4989Peoria Elementary SchoolC
4990Ira A MurphyB
4991Kachina Elementary SchoolA
4992Heritage SchoolC
4993Pioneer Elementary SchoolC
4994Alta Loma SchoolC
4995Desert Palms Elementary SchoolB
4996Foothills Elementary SchoolB
4997Copperwood SchoolB
4998Sundance Elementary SchoolC
4999Cotton Boll SchoolC
5000Oakwood Elementary SchoolB
5001Desert Valley Elementary SchoolB
5002Sahuaro Ranch Elementary SchoolB
5003Oasis Elementary SchoolB
5004Sun Valley Elementary SchoolB
5005Sky View Elementary SchoolB
5006Apache Elementary SchoolA
5007Canyon Elementary SchoolB
5008Marshall Ranch Elementary SchoolB
5009Santa Fe Elementary SchoolB
5010Paseo Verde Elementary SchoolB
5011Desert Harbor Elementary SchoolB
5012Cheyenne Elementary SchoolB
5013Peoria High SchoolB
5014Cactus High SchoolB
5015Ironwood High SchoolNRB
5016Centennial High SchoolB
5017Sunrise Mountain High SchoolB
5018Gila Bend ElementaryC
5019Gila Bend High SchoolFF
5020Gilbert Junior High SchoolC
5021Mesquite Jr High SchoolB
5022Greenfield Junior High SchoolB
5023Gilbert Elementary SchoolB
5024Greenfield Elementary SchoolA
5025Patterson Elementary SchoolB
5026Neely Traditional AcademyA
5027Pioneer Elementary SchoolA
5028Islands Elementary SchoolB
5029Houston Elementary SchoolC
5030Burk Elementary SchoolA
5031Val Vista Lakes Elementary SchoolB
5032Mesquite Elementary SchoolB
5033Harris Elementary SchoolC
5034Playa del Rey Elementary SchoolA
5035Towne Meadows Elementary SchoolA
5036Sonoma Ranch Elementary SchoolB
5037Superstition Springs ElementaryB
5038Finley Farms ElementaryA
5039Gilbert High SchoolB
5040Highland High SchoolB
5043Cochise Elementary SchoolA
5044Tavan Elementary SchoolC
5045Kiva Elementary SchoolA
5046Echo Canyon K-8B
5047Tonalea K-8C
5048Pima Elementary SchoolA
5049Hopi Elementary SchoolA
5050Navajo Elementary SchoolA
5051Hohokam Traditional SchoolB
5052Yavapai Elementary SchoolB
5053Pueblo Elementary SchoolA
5054Cherokee Elementary SchoolA
5055Laguna Elementary SchoolA
5056Sequoya Elementary SchoolA
5057Redfield Elementary SchoolA
5059Cheyenne Traditional SchoolA
5061Desert Canyon Middle SchoolB
5062Ingleside Middle SchoolB
5063Mountainside Middle SchoolA
5064Mohave Middle SchoolB
5065Cocopah Middle SchoolA
5066Arcadia High SchoolC
5067Coronado High SchoolC
5068Saguaro High SchoolB
5069Chaparral High SchoolB
5070Desert Mountain High SchoolB
5073Arrowhead Elementary SchoolC
5074Campo Bello Elementary SchoolB
5077North Ranch Elementary SchoolB
5078Eagle Ridge Elementary SchoolC
5079Hidden Hills Elementary SchoolB
5080Desert Cove Elementary SchoolC
5081Quail Run Elementary SchoolA
5082Cactus View Elementary SchoolB
5083Copper Canyon Elementary SchoolA
5084Sonoran Sky Elementary SchoolA
5085Desert Shadows Elementary SchoolA
5086Indian Bend Elementary SchoolC
5087Desert Trails Elementary SchoolA
5088Whispering Wind AcademyB
5089Larkspur Elementary SchoolC
5090Liberty Elementary SchoolB
5091Boulder Creek Elementary SchoolA
5092Mercury Mine Elementary SchoolA
5095Sandpiper Elementary SchoolA
5096Aire Libre Elementary SchoolB
5098Desert Springs Preparatory Elementary SchoolA
5099Desert Shadows Middle SchoolB
5100Vista Verde Middle SchoolD
5101Greenway Middle SchoolD
5102Explorer Middle SchoolA
5103Sunrise Middle SchoolC
5104Shea Middle SchoolD
5105Paradise Valley High SchoolB
5106Horizon High SchoolNRB
5107North Canyon High SchoolC
5108Shadow Mountain High SchoolB
5110Willis Junior High SchoolC
5111San Marcos Elementary SchoolD
5113Galveston Elementary SchoolD
5114Hartford Sylvia Encinas ElementaryB
5115Knox Gifted AcademyA
5116Frye Elementary SchoolC
5117Anna Marie Jacobson Elementary SchoolA
5118Sanborn Elementary SchoolC
5119Chandler Traditional Academy - GoodmanC
5120Weinberg Elementary SchoolC
5121John M Andersen Elementary SchoolC
5122Chandler Traditional Academy-HumphreyB
5123John M Andersen Jr High SchoolB
5124Shumway Leadership AcademyC
5125Bogle Junior High SchoolC
5126Dr Howard K Conley Elementary SchoolB
5127Chandler High SchoolB
5128Dysart Elementary SchoolB
5129El Mirage SchoolB
5130Luke Elementary SchoolB
5131Surprise Elementary SchoolB
5132Kingswood Elementary SchoolC
5133Dysart High SchoolC
5134Black Mountain Elementary SchoolB
5136Desert Sun AcademyB
5137Cactus Shadows High SchoolB
5138Queen Creek Elementary SchoolB
5139Desert Mountain ElementaryA
5140Queen Creek Middle SchoolC
5141Queen Creek High SchoolB
5142Deer Valley Middle SchoolD
5143Village Meadows Elementary SchoolA
5144New River Elementary SchoolC
5145Park Meadows Elementary SchoolB
5146Constitution Elementary SchoolA
5147Sunrise Elementary SchoolC
5149Mirage Elementary SchoolB
5150Desert Sky Middle SchoolB
5151Bellair Elementary SchoolB
5152Greenbrier Elementary SchoolB
5153Mountain Shadows Elementary SchoolC
5154Arrowhead Elementary SchoolA
5155Hillcrest Middle SchoolB
5156Desert Sage Elementary SchoolA
5157Esperanza Elementary SchoolB
5158Las Brisas Elementary SchoolB
5159Desert Mountain SchoolB
5160Copper Creek ElementaryA
5161Deer Valley High SchoolB
5162Barry Goldwater High SchoolC
5163Mountain Ridge High SchoolB
5164Four Peaks Elementary SchoolB
5166Fountain Hills Middle SchoolB
5167Fountain Hills High SchoolC
5168Higley Traditional AcademyB
5187Aguila Elementary SchoolD
5188Sentinel Elementary SchoolNR
5189Morristown Elementary SchoolB
5190Nadaburg Elementary SchoolB
5191Mobile Elementary SchoolNR
5192Ruth Fisher Elementary SchoolB
5193Kiser Elementary SchoolC
5195Mary Mcleod Bethune SchoolB
5196Capitol Elementary SchoolC
5197Paul Dunbar Lawrence SchoolD
5198Thomas A Edison SchoolC
5199Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary SchoolD
5200Garfield SchoolD
5201Magnet Traditional SchoolC
5203Maie Bartlett Heard SchoolC
5204Silvestre S Herrera SchoolD
5205Kenilworth Elementary SchoolC
5206Lowell Elementary SchoolC
5209Whittier Elementary SchoolB
5210Riverside Traditional SchoolC
5211Frank Elementary SchoolB
5212Carminati SchoolB
5213Broadmor Elementary SchoolC
5214Flora Thew Elementary SchoolC
5215Holdeman Elementary SchoolC
5216Laird Elementary SchoolB
5219Hudson Elementary SchoolA
5220Scales Technology AcademyC
5221Curry Elementary SchoolB
5222Arredondo Elementary SchoolB
5224Nevitt Elementary SchoolC
5225Wood SchoolD
5226Aguilar SchoolB
5227Rover Elementary SchoolB
5228Fuller Elementary SchoolA
5230Gililland Middle SchoolD
5231Connolly Middle SchoolC
5232Fees College Preparatory Middle SchoolD
5233Getz SchoolNR
5234Isaac Middle SchoolD
5235J B Sutton Elementary SchoolD
5236Alta E Butler SchoolD
5237P T Coe Elementary SchoolB
5238Joseph Zito Elementary SchoolC
5239Mitchell Elementary SchoolC
5240Esperanza Elementary SchoolC
5243Pueblo Del Sol Middle SchoolD
5244Acacia Elementary SchoolB
5245Alta Vista Elementary SchoolC
5246Arroyo Elementary SchoolB
5247Cactus Wren Elementary SchoolB
5248Chaparral Elementary SchoolB
5249Cholla Middle SchoolC
5250Desert Foothills Middle SchoolC
5251Desert View Elementary SchoolD
5252Ironwood Elementary SchoolB
5253John Jacobs Elementary SchoolB
5254Lakeview Elementary SchoolB
5255Lookout Mountain SchoolB
5256Manzanita Elementary SchoolB
5257Maryland Elementary SchoolC
5258Moon Mountain SchoolC
5259Mountain Sky Middle SchoolB
5260Mountain View Elementary SchoolC
5261Ocotillo SchoolB
5262Orangewood SchoolC
5263Palo Verde Middle SchoolC
5264Richard E Miller SchoolC
5265Roadrunner Elementary SchoolB
5266Royal Palm Middle SchoolC
5267Sahuaro SchoolB
5268Shaw Butte SchoolC
5269Sunburst SchoolB
5270Sweetwater SchoolB
5271Sunnyslope Elementary SchoolC
5272Sunset SchoolB
5273Tumbleweed Elementary SchoolB
5274Abraham Lincoln Traditional SchoolA
5275Washington Elementary SchoolC
5276Wilson Elementary SchoolC
5278Clarendon SchoolC
5280Osborn Middle SchoolB
5281Solano SchoolC
5282Longview Elementary SchoolC
5283Creighton Elementary SchoolD
5284Larry C Kennedy SchoolC
5285Loma Linda Elementary SchoolC
5286William T Machan Elementary SchoolC
5287Monte Vista Elementary SchoolC
5288Papago SchoolD
5289Biltmore Preparatory AcademyB
5290Arthur M Hamilton SchoolF
5291Jack L Kuban Elementary SchoolD
5292William R Sullivan Elementary SchoolC
5293Alfred F Garcia SchoolD
5294Liberty Elementary SchoolC
5295Estrella Mountain Elementary SchoolB
5296Kyrene Aprende Middle SchoolB
5297Kyrene Altadena Middle SchoolB
5298Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle SchoolC
5299Kyrene Centennial Middle SchoolB
5300Kyrene del Pueblo Middle SchoolB
5301Kyrene Middle SchoolC
5302C I Waggoner SchoolA
5303Kyrene del Norte SchoolB
5304Kyrene de las Lomas SchoolB
5305Kyrene de los Ninos SchoolC
5306Kyrene del Cielo SchoolA
5307Kyrene de la Paloma SchoolA
5308Kyrene de la Colina SchoolA
5309Kyrene Traditional AcademyA
5310Kyrene de la Mariposa SchoolB
5311Kyrene De Los Lagos SchoolA
5312Kyrene Monte Vista SchoolA
5313Kyrene de la Sierra SchoolA
5314Kyrene de la Mirada SchoolA
5315Kyrene de la Esperanza SchoolA
5316Kyrene de las Brisas SchoolB
5317Kyrene de los Cerritos SchoolA
5318Kyrene de las Manitas SchoolB
5319Balsz Elementary SchoolD
5320David Crockett Elementary SchoolB
5321Griffith Elementary SchoolD
5324Madison #1 Elementary SchoolC
5325Madison Camelview ElementaryB
5326Madison Richard Simis SchoolA
5327Madison Rose Lane SchoolA
5328Madison Park SchoolB
5329Madison Meadows SchoolB
5330Madison Heights Elementary SchoolA
5332Glendale Landmark SchoolC
5333Isaac E Imes SchoolC
5334Harold W Smith SchoolC
5335Melvin E Sine SchoolC
5337Don Mensendick SchoolD
5338Glenn F Burton SchoolC
5339Glendale American SchoolC
5340Bicentennial North SchoolB
5341Horizon SchoolB
5342Challenger Middle SchoolC
5344Discovery SchoolB
5347Michael AndersonC
5348Eliseo C. Felix SchoolD
5351Fowler Elementary SchoolD
5352Sunridge Elementary SchoolC
5353Santa Maria Middle SchoolC
5354Arlington Elementary SchoolB
5355Palo Verde Elementary SchoolB
5356Laveen Elementary SchoolB
5357Maurice C. Cash Elementary SchoolB
5358Vista del Sur AcceleratedA
5360Littleton Elementary SchoolD
5363Cesar E Chavez Community SchoolF
5364Percy L Julian SchoolD
5365Sunland Elementary SchoolC
5367Valley View SchoolD
5368C J Jorgensen SchoolC
5370Irene Lopez SchoolB
5372T G Barr SchoolC
5373V H Lassen Elementary SchoolD
5375Amy L. Houston AcademyF
5376C O Greenfield SchoolC
5377Ignacio Conchos SchoolD
5378John R Davis SchoolD
5379Maxine O Bush Elementary SchoolD
5380Southwest Elementary SchoolB
5381Alhambra Traditional SchoolA
5382Andalucia Middle SchoolC
5384Barcelona Middle SchoolD
5385Catalina Ventura SchoolC
5386Cordova Elementary SchoolC
5387Granada East SchoolC
5389Montebello SchoolC
5391R E Simpson SchoolD
5393Litchfield Elementary SchoolB
5394Scott L Libby Elementary SchoolA
5395Western Sky Middle SchoolA
5396Palm Valley ElementaryB
5398Cartwright SchoolC
5399Glenn L. Downs SchoolB
5400John F. LongB
5401Justine Spitalny SchoolC
5402Holiday Park SchoolC
5403Sunset SchoolA
5404Starlight Park SchoolB
5405Charles W. Harris SchoolC
5406Desert Sands Middle SchoolD
5407Frank Borman SchoolC
5409Heatherbrae SchoolB
5411Estrella Middle SchoolB
5412Palm LaneC
5413Peralta SchoolC
5415Tomahawk SchoolB
5417Pendergast Elementary SchoolC
5418Desert Horizon Elementary SchoolD
5420Villa De Paz Elementary SchoolC
5421Garden Lakes Elementary SchoolB
5422Desert Mirage Elementary SchoolB
5423Copper King ElementaryC
5424Buckeye Union High SchoolD
5426Glendale High SchoolB
5427Sunnyslope High SchoolA
5428Washington High SchoolB
5429Cortez High SchoolB
5430Moon Valley High SchoolA
5431Apollo High SchoolA
5432Thunderbird High SchoolA
5433Greenway High SchoolA
5434Independence High SchoolB
5435Glendale Union High School District Online Learning AcademyNR
5436Alhambra High SchoolC
5437Trevor Browne High SchoolC
5438Camelback High SchoolC
5439Central High SchoolC
5440Carl Hayden High SchoolC
5441Maryvale High SchoolC
5442North High SchoolC
5443South Mountain High SchoolC
5444Tempe High SchoolC
5445Mcclintock High SchoolB
5446Marcos De Niza High SchoolC
5447Corona Del Sol High SchoolB
5448Mountain Pointe High SchoolB
5449Desert Vista High SchoolA
5452Tolleson Union High SchoolC
5453Westview High SchoolC
5454Agua Fria High SchoolB
5461Academy Of ExcellenceC
5462Accelerated Learning CenterD
5463Pinnacle High School - TempeNR
5466Girls Leadership Academy of ArizonaF
5467Ridgeline Academy-A Challenge Foundation Academy, Inc.A
5470Mesa Arts AcademyB
5471Reid Traditional Schools' Valley AcademyA
5474Foothills AcademyCA
5475Bennett AcademyB
5480Gateway Early College High SchoolB
5482New School for the ArtsC
5489Salt River High SchoolDD
5495Copper Canyon AcademyC
5496ACCLAIM AcademyB
5503AAEC - SMCC CampusA
5506Humanities and Sciences High School - PhoenixNR
5507NFL YET College Prep AcademyCB
5509Heritage AcademyCB
5512Phoenix Advantage Charter SchoolD
5513Villa Montessori - Phoenix CampusB
5515SABIS InternationalC
5519Arizona School For The ArtsBA
5521Center for Educational ExcellenceB
5522American Leadership AcademyA
5526Midtown Primary SchoolNR
5537Benjamin Franklin Charter School - CrismonB
5538Benjamin Franklin Charter School - GilbertC
5539Fountain Hills Charter SchoolC
5542Montessori Day Public Schools Chartered - TempeNR
5544Montessori Day Public Schools Chartered - MountainsideB
5547Khalsa Montessori Elementary School - PhoenixA
5549Tempe Preparatory AcademyBA
5550Bright Beginnings School #1B
5552Montessori Education Centre Charter School - MesaA
5554New Horizon School for the Performing ArtsC
5555Challenge Charter SchoolB
5559Smoketree Elementary SchoolB
5560Thunderbolt Middle SchoolF
5561Havasupai Elementary SchoolB
5562Starline Elementary SchoolA
5563Nautilus Elementary SchoolB
5564Oro Grande Elementary SchoolC
5565Lake Havasu High SchoolC
5566Peach Springs SchoolF
5567El Capitan Public SchoolBB
5570Cedar Hills SchoolNR
5571Hualapai ElementaryB
5572La Senita ElementaryNR
5573Manzanita ElementaryB
5575Kingman Middle SchoolD
5576Cerbat ElementaryC
5577Black Mountain Elementary SchoolD
5578Owens Elementary SchoolNR
5579Beaver Dam ElementaryC
5580Mt Tipton Elementary SchoolD
5581Topock Elementary SchoolD
5582Yucca Elementary SchoolNR
5583Coyote Canyon SchoolC
5584Desert Valley SchoolB
5585Diamondback Elementary SchoolB
5587Bullhead City Jr High SchoolD
5589Mohave Valley Junior High SchoolB
5590Fort Mohave Elementary SchoolNR
5591Valentine Elementary SchoolD
5592Mohave High SchoolC
5593River Valley High SchoolC
5595Kingman High SchoolD
5597Kingman Academy of Learning - Intermediate SchoolB
5599Young Scholars AcademyC
5600Bonnie Brennan SchoolB
5602Washington SchoolC
5603Winslow Junior High SchoolC
5604Winslow High SchoolC
5605Joseph City Elementary SchoolA
5606Joseph City High SchoolB
5607Hulet Elementary SchoolB
5609Holbrook Junior High SchoolC
5610Holbrook High SchoolC
5611Pinon Elementary SchoolD
5612Pinon Accelerated Middle SchoolD
5613Pinon High SchoolF
5614Snowflake Intermediate SchoolB
5616Snowflake Junior High SchoolA
5617Taylor Intermediate SchoolA
5618Snowflake High SchoolA
5623Capps Elementary SchoolA
5624Mogollon Jr High SchoolC
5625Mogollon High SchoolB
5626Whipple Ranch Elementary SchoolNR
5627Nikolaus Homestead Elementary SchoolB
5628Linden Elementary SchoolD
5631Show Low Junior High SchoolC
5632Show Low High SchoolC
5633Whiteriver ElementaryF
5635Canyon Day Junior High SchoolF
5636Cradleboard SchoolF
5637Alchesay High SchoolF
5638Jeddito SchoolD
5641Kayenta Middle SchoolC
5642Kayenta Elementary SchoolC
5644Monument Valley High SchoolC
5646Blue Ridge Middle SchoolD
5647Blue Ridge Jr High SchoolC
5648Blue Ridge High SchoolC
5652Northern AZ Academy for Career Dev. - TaylorNR
5653Shonto Preparatory Technology High SchoolNR
5654CAPE School-DetentionNR
5656CAPE School-JailNR
5659Blenman Elementary SchoolC
5660Bloom ElementaryD
5661Bonillas Elementary Basic Curriculum Magnet SchoolB
5663Borman Elementary SchoolC
5664Borton Primary Magnet SchoolC
5666Carrillo Intermediate Magnet SchoolB
5667Cavett Elementary SchoolF
5668Collier Elementary SchoolA
5670Cragin Elementary SchoolC
5671Davidson Elementary SchoolD
5672Davis Bilingual Magnet SchoolB
5673Dietz K-8 SchoolD
5674Drachman Primary Magnet SchoolF
5676Dunham Elementary SchoolB
5677Irene Erickson Elementary SchoolD
5678Ford ElementaryD
5680Fruchthendler Elementary SchoolA
5681Gale Elementary SchoolA
5683Raul Grijalva Elementary SchoolD
5684Hollinger K-8 SchoolC
5685Anna Henry Elementary SchoolC
5686Holladay Intermediate Magnet SchoolC
5687Howell Peter ElementaryC
5688Hudlow Elementary SchoolD
5689Sam Hughes ElementaryA
5693Annie Kellond Elementary SchoolB
5694Anna Lawrence Intermediate SchoolF
5695Lineweaver Elementary SchoolB
5697Lynn UrquidesC
5699Maldonado Amelia Elementary SchoolF
5700Manzo Elementary SchoolC
5701Marshall Elementary SchoolC
5703Miles-Exploratory Learning CenterB
5704Miller Elementary SchoolC
5705Mission View Elementary SchoolC
5706Myers-Ganoung Elementary SchoolD
5707Ochoa Elementary SchoolF
5708Pueblo Gardens ElementaryC
5712Robins Elementary SchoolB
5713Robison Elementary SchoolB
5715C E Rose Elementary SchoolC
5719W Arthur Sewel Elementary SchoolB
5721Soleng Tom Elementary SchoolA
5723Harold Steele Elementary SchoolC
5724Tolson Elementary SchoolB
5725Tully Elementary Accelerated Magnet SchoolC
5726Van Buskirk Elementary SchoolA
5728Vesey Elementary SchoolC
5729Frances J Warren Elementary SchoolC
5730Wheeler Elementary SchoolC
5731John E White Elementary SchoolC
5732W V Whitmore Elementary SchoolC
5733John B Wright Elementary SchoolB
5735Ida Flood Dodge Traditional Middle Magnet SchoolB
5737Doolen Middle SchoolC
5738Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet SchoolD
5739Gridley Middle SchoolC
5741Magee Middle SchoolD
5742Mansfeld Middle SchoolB
5744Roberts NaylorD
5745Pistor Middle SchoolF
5746Safford Engineering/Technology Magnet Middle SchoolD
5747Secrist Middle SchoolF
5749Utterback Middle SchoolD
5750Alice Vail Middle SchoolC
5751Valencia Middle SchoolF
5755Roskruge Bilingual Magnet Middle SchoolD
5756Catalina High Magnet SchoolD
5757Cholla High Magnet SchoolD
5758Palo Verde High Magnet SchoolD
5759Pueblo High Magnet SchoolC
5760Rincon High SchoolC
5761Sabino High SchoolB
5762Sahuaro High SchoolB
5763Santa Rita High SchoolD
5764Tucson Magnet High SchoolC
5766University High SchoolA
5768A. C. E.NRNR
5769Degrazia Elementary SchoolB
5770Marjorie W Estes Elementary SchoolC
5771Thornydale Elementary SchoolB
5772Butterfield Elementary SchoolC
5773Roadrunner Elementary SchoolC
5774Picture Rocks ElementaryD
5775Ironwood Elementary SchoolB
5776Quail Run Elementary SchoolB
5777Coyote Trail Elementary SchoolA
5779Marana Middle SchoolD
5780Tortolita Middle SchoolD
5781Marana High SchoolC
5782Mountain View High SchoolB
5784Centennial Elementary SchoolB
5785Homer Davis Elementary SchoolB
5786Walter Douglas Elementary SchoolB
5787J Robert Hendricks Elementary SchoolA
5788Laguna Elementary SchoolC
5789Robert Richardson Elementary SchoolB
5790Flowing Wells Junior High SchoolB
5791Flowing Wells High SchoolB
5792Marion Donaldson Elementary SchoolB
5793Winifred Harelson Elementary SchoolA
5794Frances Owen Holaway Elementary SchoolC
5795Helen Keeling Elementary SchoolD
5796E C Nash SchoolC
5797L M Prince SchoolF
5798Lulu Walker SchoolB
5799Coronado K-8 SchoolB
5800Mesa Verde Elementary SchoolB
5801Rio Vista Elementary SchoolC
5802Copper Creek Elementary SchoolB
5803Rillito CenterNRNR
5804La Cima Middle SchoolA
5805Amphitheater Middle SchoolC
5806Lawrence W Cross Middle SchoolC
5807Richard B Wilson Jr SchoolB
5808Canyon Del Oro High SchoolC
5809Apollo Middle SchoolD
5810Craycroft Elementary SchoolC
5812Drexel Elementary SchoolC
5813Elvira Elementary SchoolA
5814Esperanza Elementary SchoolC
5815Liberty Elementary SchoolB
5817Los Ninos Elementary SchoolB
5818Los Amigos Elementary SchoolB
5820Mission Manor Elementary SchoolC
5821Summit View ElementaryB
5822Santa Clara Elementary SchoolB
5823Sierra 2-8 SchoolD
5824Challenger Middle SchoolD
5826Desert View High SchoolC
5827Sunnyside High SchoolC
5828Emily Gray Junior High SchoolC
5829Tanque Verde Elementary SchoolC
5830Agua Caliente SchoolB
5831Ajo Elementary SchoolC
5832Sunrise Drive Elementary SchoolB
5833Manzanita SchoolB
5834Orange Grove Middle SchoolA
5835Canyon View Elementary SchoolB
5837Esperero Canyon Middle SchoolB
5838Ventana Vista Elementary SchoolB
5839Catalina Foothills High SchoolA
5841Sopori Elementary SchoolC
5842Sahuarita Middle SchoolC
5843Sahuarita High SchoolC
5846Baboquivari Middle SchoolC
5847Baboquivari High SchoolD
5850Old Vail Middle SchoolA
5851Desert Willow Elementary SchoolB
5853San Fernando Elementary SchoolNR
5855Continental Elementary SchoolB
5859Altar Valley Middle SchoolB
5861Alternative Computerized Education (ACE) Charter High SchoolNR
5865Presidio SchoolAA
5866Hermosa Montessori CharterA
5871Vision Charter SchoolNR
5891Accelerated Learning LaboratoryBNR
5893Mary C O'Brien Elementary SchoolB
5895Florence K-8D
5897Florence High SchoolB
5899Ray Elementary SchoolB
5900Ray JR/SR High SchoolDC
5901Mammoth Elementary SchoolD
5902First Avenue Elementary SchoolD
5903San Manual Jr. High SchoolF
5904San Manuel High SchoolD
5905John F Kennedy SchoolD
5906Superior Junior High SchoolB
5907Superior Senior High SchoolD
5908Maricopa Elementary SchoolC
5909Maricopa Wells Middle SchoolD
5910Maricopa High SchoolC
5911West Elementary SchoolD
5914HoHoKam Middle SchoolD
5916Coolidge High SchoolC
5920Four Peaks Elementary SchoolC
5922Desert Vista Elementary SchoolC
5923Cactus Canyon Junior HighC
5925Apache Junction High SchoolC
5927Mountain Vista SchoolC
5928J. O. Combs Middle SchoolC
5929Cottonwood Elementary SchoolD
5930Evergreen Elementary SchoolC
5932Palo Verde SchoolC
5933Saguaro Elementary SchoolD
5934Casa Grande Middle SchoolD
5935Cholla Elementary SchoolC
5936Ironwood SchoolC
5937Mesquite Elementary SchoolD
5938Red Rock Elementary SchoolB
5941Eloy Intermediate SchoolD
5942Eloy Junior High SchoolC
5943Sacaton ElementaryD
5944Sacaton Middle SchoolD
5945Toltec Elementary SchoolD
5946Stanfield Elementary SchoolF
5947Picacho SchoolD
5948Casa Grande Union High SchoolD
5951Santa Cruz Valley Union High SchoolD
5954Desert Shadows Middle SchoolB
5955Francisco Vasquez De Coronado Elementary SchoolA
5956Wade Carpenter Middle SchoolD
5957Lincoln Elementary SchoolA
5958A J Mitchell Elementary SchoolD
5959Mary L Welty Elementary SchoolC
5960Challenger Elementary SchoolC
5962Nogales High SchoolB
5963San Cayetano Elementary SchoolB
5964Mountain View SchoolC
5965Calabasas SchoolC
5966Rio Rico High SchoolC
5967Little Red SchoolhouseA
5968Patagonia Elementary SchoolC
5970Elgin Elementary SchoolA
5971Patagonia Union High SchoolC
5972Mexicayotl Charter SchoolA
5982General Myer Elementary SchoolA
5989Rice Elementary SchoolF
6001Hassayampa Elementary SchoolC
6005Frontier Elementary SchoolB
6006Highland Jr High SchoolB
6007Mesquite High SchoolB
6009Anasazi ElementaryA
6010Desert Canyon ElementaryA
6011Grayhawk Elementary SchoolA
6013Rudy G Bologna ElementaryD
6014Robert and Danell Tarwater ElementaryC
6015Hamilton High SchoolB
6016Paseo Hills ElementaryC
6023Gateway SchoolD
6032G. Frank DavidsonB
6036Friendly House Academia Del Pueblo ElemD
6045Gem Charter SchoolNR
6048Fox Creek Jr High SchoolC
6049Camp Mohave Elementary SchoolB
6051Kingman Academy of Learning - Middle SchoolB
6055Amphitheater High SchoolC
6063AmeriSchools Academy - CamelbackB
6065BASIS Tucson PrimaryA
6071Robert Bracker ElementaryA
6083West Sedona Elementary SchoolC
6084Big Park Community SchoolC
6085Sedona Red Rock Junior/Senior High SchoolCB
6088Bagdad Elementary SchoolA
6089Bagdad Middle / Senior High SchoolFB
6090Lake Valley Elementary SchoolC
6091Bradshaw Mountain Middle SchoolC
6092Glassford Hill Middle SchoolC
6093Humboldt Elementary SchoolA
6094Mountain View Elementary SchoolC
6095Coyote Springs Elementary SchoolB
6096Liberty Traditional SchoolA
6097Bradshaw Mountain High SchoolB
6098Camp Verde Elementary SchoolC
6099Camp Verde Middle SchoolD
6100Camp Verde High SchoolC
6101Ash Fork Elementary SchoolNR
6102Ash Fork Middle SchoolNR
6103Ash Fork High SchoolNR
6104Seligman Elementary SchoolD
6105Seligman High SchoolF
6106Mayer High SchoolC
6107Mayer Elementary SchoolB
6108Del Rio Elementary SchoolB
6109Heritage Middle SchoolB
6110Chino Valley High SchoolC
6113Skull Valley Elementary SchoolNR
6114Congress Elementary SchoolA
6115Kirkland Elementary SchoolC
6116Beaver Creek SchoolC
6117Hillside Elementary SchoolNR
6118Crown King Elementary SchoolNR
6119Canon SchoolC
6121Yarnell Elementary SchoolCNR
6122Clarkdale-Jerome Elementary SchoolC
6123Cottonwood Elementary SchoolC
6124Cottonwood Middle SchoolC
6125Oak Creek Elementary SchoolB
6127Mingus Union High SchoolC
6132Sedona Charter SchoolB
6133Mingus Springs Charter SchoolC
6140Franklin Phonetic Primary SchoolB
6141Skyview SchoolB
6147Alice Byrne Elementary SchoolB
6148George Washington Carver Elementary SchoolC
6149C W Mcgraw Elementary SchoolB
6150James D Price SchoolNR
6152O C Johnson SchoolC
6153Palmcroft Elementary SchoolB
6154Pecan Grove Elementary SchoolC
6155Roosevelt SchoolD
6156James B Rolle SchoolA
6158Mary A Otondo Elementary SchoolC
6159Desert Mesa Elementary SchoolB
6160Fourth Avenue Junior High SchoolD
6161Gila Vista Jr High SchoolF
6162R Pete Woodard Jr High SchoolC
6163Castle Dome Middle SchoolD
6164Somerton Middle SchoolC
6165Orange Grove Elementary SchoolC
6166Desert Sonora Elementary SchoolA
6167Tierra Del Sol Elementary SchoolB
6168Pueblo Elementary SchoolB
6169Rancho Viejo Elementary SchoolC
6172Crane Middle SchoolC
6173Ronald Reagan Fundamental SchoolB
6174H L Suverkrup Elementary SchoolA
6175Valley Horizon Elementary SchoolC
6180Dateland Elementary SchoolA
6181Mohawk Valley SchoolB
6182Wellton Elementary SchoolB
6183Gadsden Elementary SchoolC
6184Rio Colorado Elementary SchoolC
6185San Luis Middle SchoolD
6187Arizona Desert Elementary SchoolB
6188Antelope Union High SchoolD
6189Yuma High SchoolC
6190Kofa High SchoolC
6191Cibola High SchoolC
6192AZTEC High SchoolNR
6195Wallace Elementary SchoolD
6196Le Pera Elementary SchoolC
6197Parker High SchoolC
6198Ehrenberg Elementary SchoolB
6199Quartzsite Elementary SchoolC
6200Wenden Elementary SchoolD
6201Bouse Elementary SchoolNR
6202Salome Elementary SchoolC
6203Salome High SchoolC
6229Wilson Elementary SchoolA
6240Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary SchoolB
6248Metro Tech High SchoolC
6269Mary Meredith K-12 SchoolNRNR
6292Ajo High SchoolC
6340Montessori SchoolhouseNR
6344AAEC - Paradise ValleyB
6366American Heritage Academy - CottonwoodDD
8128Lincoln Elementary SchoolB
8130Taylor Hicks SchoolB
8132Abia Judd Elementary SchoolB
8133Prescott Mile High Middle SchoolB
8134Granite Mountain Middle SchoolC
8135Prescott High SchoolC
10729Dobson Academy, The - A Ball Charter SchoolB
10730Hearn Academy, The - A Ball Charter SchoolA
10733Arizona College Prep AcademyB
10750Pinnacle High School - Casa GrandeNR
10752EduPreneurship Student Center (ESC) PhoenixF
10753Pathfinder AcademyB
10755Arizona Academy of Science and TechnologyNR
10795Academy with Community PartnersC
10799Desert Pointe AcademyNR
10800Noah Webster Schools- MesaB
10801Westland SchoolFC
10807Destiny SchoolB
10811Integrity Education CentreNRNR
10820Paradise Education CenterA
10847Metropolitan Arts InstituteCB
10848Sequoia Village SchoolD
10849Kinetic Educational Learning Labs for YouthNRNR
10855Vail Academy & High SchoolAA
10869Arizona Desert Elementary SchoolB
10884Keystone Montessori Charter SchoolB
70018Legacy Traditional School – PeoriaA
70692Phoenix Collegiate Academy Elementary, LLCB
78788Burke Basic SchoolB
78803Benchmark SchoolA
78806East Valley AcademyNR
78808Great Expectations AcademyB
78809Horizon Community Learning CenterAA
78811Liberty Traditional Charter SchoolC
78815Willow Creek Charter SchoolD
78816Park View Middle SchoolA
78818Stepping Stones AcademyC
78820Champion SchoolsC
78821Tri-City College Prep High SchoolA
78822Victory High School - CampusNR
78835Civano Charter SchoolB
78843Milestones Charter SchoolB
78847Cesar Chavez High SchoolD
78857Telesis Preparatory AcademyB
78859Carden of TucsonC
78869Sonoran Desert SchoolNRNR
78874Mountain Oak Charter SchoolD
78883New World Educational CenterB
78889Cambridge Academy EastA
78898Academy of Tucson High SchoolA
78904AmeriSchools Academy - YumaB
78911Sonoran Trails Middle SchoolB
78912Desert Willow Elementary SchoolB
78914Valley View Elementary SchoolB
78915Juvenile Detention Education ProgramNR
78916Tuba City Alternative SchoolNR
78917Skyline High SchoolC
78918Oak Tree ElementaryA
78919Settlers Point ElementaryB
78920Sunset Canyon SchoolB
78921Highland Lakes SchoolA
78922Anthem SchoolB
78923Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary SchoolB
78924Wildflower SchoolA
78925Rancho Santa Fe Elementary SchoolA
78926Millennium High SchoolC
78929Wallace Jr High SchoolC
78934Morris K. Udall Escuela de Bellas ArtesC
78935Centennial Middle SchoolC
78938Patterson ElementaryB
78950Desert Heights Charter SchoolB
78967Akimel O'Otham Pee Posh (3-5)C
78977Paramount AcademyD
78979Jamaica Elementary SchoolB
78980Marc T. Atkinson Middle SchoolD
79010County Jail Education ProgramNR
79012Cloves C Campbell Sr Elementary SchoolC
79013Ed & Verma Pastor Elementary SchoolC
79014Sahuarita Intermediate SchoolC
79039Center for Academic Success, The #3D
79090STAR Charter SchoolC
79094Academy of Math and ScienceB
79095Happy Valley SchoolA
79102Country Gardens Charter SchoolDD
79103Tucson Country Day SchoolC
79104Self Development Charter SchoolA
79107Patagonia Montessori SchoolNR
79110Montessori De Santa Cruz - St. Ann's HallNR
79112Desert View AcademyB
79113James Madison Preparatory SchoolCB
79115Highland Free SchoolNR
79126Mission Montessori AcademyC
79127Sonoran Science Academy - TucsonAB
79132The Shelby SchoolNRNR
79143Kyrene del MilenioB
79144Carol Rae Ranch ElementaryA
79145Boulder Creek ElementaryC
79181Ashland ElementaryB
79203Sevilla West SchoolC
79219Edkey, Inc. - Sequoia Deaf SchoolNRNR
79221Wigwam Creek Middle SchoolB
79222Coyote Hills Elementary SchoolB
79223Country Meadows Elementary SchoolB
79225Guerrero Elementary SchoolC
79227Coronado Elementary SchoolB
79247Basha ElementaryB
79259Desert Springs AcademyNR
79263Sequoia Redwood Charter SchoolB
79265Canyon Breeze ElementaryC
79268Pinnacle High SchoolB
79282Painted Sky Elementary SchoolC
79283Bret R. TarverC
79285Excelencia SchoolC
79290Legend Springs ElementaryA
79296AmeriSchools Academy - Country ClubB
79373Kingman Academy of Learning - High SchoolB
79374Higley High SchoolB
79375San Tan ElementaryA
79376Estrella Foothills High SchoolB
79377Indian Wells ElementaryC
79378Ironwood Ridge High SchoolC
79402Sheely Farms Elementary SchoolC
79415Walker Butte K-8D
79431Khalsa SchoolB
79432Southside Community SchoolB
79438Acorn Montessori Charter SchoolA
79444Crown Charter SchoolA
79445Twin Peaks Elementary SchoolA
79454Arizona Charter AcademyBB
79456North Pointe PreparatoryDC
79458Verde Valley Montessori School - A Center for Creative EducationNR
79489Smith Junior High SchoolC
79490Brinton ElementaryB
79505Omega Alpha Academy SchoolCD
79506Deer Valley AcademyNR
79507Imagine Bell CanyonA
79508Imagine West Gilbert ElementaryC
79509Imagine Cortez Park ElementaryC
79510Mohave Accelerated Learning CenterBB
79511Masada Charter SchoolA
79512Children Reaching for the Sky PreparatoryD
79513Harvest Preparatory AcademyCB
79549Montessori House Charter SchoolNR
79573Stetson Hills ElementaryB
79574Sierra Verde ElementaryB
79579Pan-American Charter SchoolBC
79616Augustus H. Shaw MontessoriA
79618Collier Elementary SchoolC
79619Pinnacle Charter High SchoolNR
79621Pinnacle Charter High SchoolNR
79623Humanities and Science High School - TempeNR
79629Desert Ridge Jr. HighC
79630Augusta Ranch ElementaryB
79631Peralta Trail Elementary SchoolB
79632West Point Elementary SchoolB
79633Basha High SchoolBB
79634Santan Junior High SchoolC
79635T. Dale Hancock Elementary SchoolA
79636Navarrete ElementaryB
79639Copper Ridge SchoolB
79642Sonoran Sky Elementary SchoolD
79645Zuni Hills Elementary SchoolB
79652Rainbow Valley Elementary SchoolC
79653Jane D. Hull ElementaryB
79655Sunrise ElementaryC
79658Casa Verde High SchoolA
79665Weitzel's Puente de Hozho Bilingual Magnet SchoolD
79670Desert StarB
79692Cactus Middle SchoolC
79697Sequoia Charter SchoolDF
79698Seven Mile SchoolD
79707Montessori Education Centre Charter School - North CampusB
79719Cottonwood Elementary SchoolB
79720Desert Sky Middle SchoolA
79721Cienega High SchoolB
79724Cesar Chavez ElementaryB
79729Mountain Trail Middle SchoolC
79780Ruth Powell Elementary SchoolA
79781Pinnacle Peak Elementary SchoolA
79782Coyote RidgeC
79792Desert ThunderB
79799Desert Edge High SchoolB
79800Rio Vista ElementaryC
79807Zaharis ElementaryA
79815Desert SpiritB
79816Sunset VistaB
79821Moya ElementaryC
79823Desert Ridge HighB
79829Canyon Rim ElementaryA
79831Kathryn Sue Simonton ElementaryC
79846Westar Elementary SchoolC
79884The Peak SchoolB
79906Camelback AcademyC
79909Canyon Pointe AcademyD
79910Challenger Basic SchoolA
79950La Paloma AcademyC
79958Desert Marigold SchoolBB
79968Leading Edge Academy Gilbert ElementaryA
79970All Aboard Charter SchoolB
79980Tucson International AcademyCNR
79982Arizona Conservatory for Arts and AcademicsB
79986Academy of Tucson Middle SchoolB
79989Imagine Cortez Park MiddleB
79991Imagine West Gilbert MiddleC
80002Carpe Diem Collegiate High School dba Carpe Diem e-Learning CommunityCNR
80004Prescott Valley SchoolBNR
80006Precision AcademyNR
80012Montessori AcademyC
80038Laura N. Banks ElementaryB
80039Henry Hank OyamaC
80051La Joya Community High SchoolC
80052Countryside Elementary SchoolC
80054Corte Sierra Elementary SchoolB
80055Echo Mountain Intermediate SchoolC
80056Lone Mountain Elementary SchoolA
80102Chandler Traditional Academy - Liberty CampusA
80300Life Skills Center of ArizonaNR
80315Sun Canyon SchoolC
80316Power Ranch ElementaryB
80317Sandra Day O'Connor High SchoolB
80318Gavilan Peak ElementaryB
80385Midtown High SchoolNR
80409San Luis High SchoolD
80417Westwind Elementary SchoolB
80418Sunset Ridge Elementary SchoolB
80419Amberlea Elementary SchoolD
80439Jack Barnes Elementary SchoolB
80440San Tan Heights ElementaryB
80463Calibre Academy SurpriseC
80472Freedom AcademyB
80473Pinnacle Pointe AcademyB
80871Sycamore Elementary SchoolA
80915Western Valley Elementary SchoolC
80916Western Valley Middle SchoolD
80974Sonoran Science Academy - PhoenixBB
80980Telesis PreparatoryC
80986New School for the Arts Middle SchoolF
80994Great Hearts Academies - Veritas PrepCA
81016Terramar ElementaryA
81017Sunset Ridge ElementaryA
81025Patriot AcademyF
81026Palomino Intermediate SchoolC
81028Bereran AcademyCD
81056Pima Junior High SchoolC
81057Ward Traditional AcademyA
81058Santa Rosa Elementary SchoolC
81077Heritage Elementary SchoolB
81079BASIS ScottsdaleAA
81096Desert View ElementaryA
81098Bradley Academy of ExcellenceF
81102Learning FoundationC
81105Southwest Jr. High SchoolC
81106Ed Pastor Elementary 4C
81109Manuel Pena Jr. SchoolC
81110Bales Elementary SchoolD
81111Ashton Ranch Elementary SchoolC
81112Cimarron Springs ElementaryB
81113Willow Canyon High SchoolB
81124Academy Adventures Primary SchoolF
81130Academy of Tucson Elementary SchoolC
81141Brunson-Lee Elementary SchoolD
81144Parkridge ElementaryA
81145Spectrum ElementaryB
81173Avalon ElementaryC
81175Phoenix College Preparatory AcademyA
81187La Paloma Academy (Lakeside)C
81200Bennett Academy - Venture SiteNR
84297Tucson International Academy MidvaleCNR
84305Cheatham Elementary SchoolC
84336Robles Elementary SchoolB
84659Camp Verde Accommodation SchoolNRNR
84660Kings Ridge SchoolD
84665Pantano High SchoolNR
84683Marley Park ElementaryB
84684Thompson Ranch ElementaryC
85451City High SchoolB
85455Satori Charter SchoolB
85517Mohave Accelerated Elementary SchoolB
85750AMCS at Anthem dba Caurus AcademyA
85810Copper Canyon High SchoolC
85819Tonopah Valley High SchoolC
85821Beaver Dam High SchoolFD
85831High Desert Middle SchoolD
85833Gary A. Knox Elementary SchoolB
85835Raymond S. KellisC
85837Chandler Traditional Academy-FreedomB
85838Audrey & Robert Ryan ElementaryA
85840Ron Watson Middle SchoolB
85843Dreaming Summit ElementaryA
85844Verrado Middle SchoolA
85847South Valley Jr. HighA
85850Boulder Creek High SchoolB
85851Diamond Canyon ElementaryA
85852Quentin Elementary SchoolC
85853Copper BasinD
85876Center for Academic Success #4B
85877Center for Academic Success #5C
85882Tsehootsooi Dine Bi'OltaNR
85886Reyes Maria Ruiz Leadership AcademyB
87330Valle Del Encanto Learning CenterB
87400Imagine RosefieldA
87402Imagine East Mesa ElementaryB
87404Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center, Inc. - Red MountainA
87413Arts Academy at Estrella MountainB
87415Adventure SchoolD
87416Leading Edge Academy Gilbert Early CollegeBB
87441Paulo Freire Freedom School - UniversityC
87466Tanque Verde High SchoolA
87470Corona Foothills Middle SchoolA
87471Sundance ElementaryC
87473Buckeye Elementary SchoolD
87475Freedom Elementary SchoolB
87476Country Place ElementaryC
87477Horseshoe Trails Elementary SchoolA
87478Frances Brandon-Pickett ElementaryA
87479Pima Butte Elementary SchoolB
87487Gateway Pointe ElementaryB
87489Jack Harmon Elementary SchoolB
87519Willie & Coy Payne Jr. HighB
87520Liberty High SchoolB
87521Tuscano Elementary SchoolC
87522Barbara B. Robey Elementary SchoolB
87523Hurley Ranch ElementaryD
87526Desert Oasis Elementary SchoolC
87528West Wing ElementaryA
87530Joseph City Junior High SchoolC
87532Billy Lane Lauffer Middle SchoolD
87535Granville Elementary SchoolB
87537Skyline Ranch Elementary SchoolC
87619Centerra Mirage STEM AcademyB
87620Sunset Hills ElementaryC
87621Rancho GabrielaB
87622Sunrise Elementary SchoolA
87679Santan ElementaryA
87875Empire High SchoolA
87883Bernard Black Elementary SchoolD
87903Verrado High SchoolB
87948Desert Willow Elementary SchoolD
88201American Heritage Academy - Camp VerdeD
88289Learning Foundation and Performing Arts GilbertCC
88290Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Alta MesaB
88300Great Hearts Academies - Chandler PrepBA
88309Desert Sky Community SchoolNR
88322Desert Star Community SchoolC
88335South Ridge High SchoolB
88341Benjamin Franklin Charter School - PowerB
88361Legacy Traditional School - MaricopaB
88366Imagine Camelback ElementaryNR
88368Imagine Desert West ElementaryC
88370Imagine East Mesa MiddleB
88373Imagine Surprise MiddleC
88375Imagine TempeC
88386Red Valley/Cove High SchoolNR
88387Anza TrailB
88388Northpoint Expeditionary Learning AcademyC
88397Vistancia Elementary SchoolA
88398Westpark Elementary SchoolB
88399Canyon SpringsB
88400Anthem Elementary SchoolC
88401Highland Park ElementaryA
88404Chandler Traditional Academy - IndependenceB
88405Santa Cruz Elementary SchoolB
88406Wildfire Elementary SchoolA
88407Phoenix Union Bioscience High SchoolA
88409White Cliffs Middle SchoolD
88414Sonoran Heights ElementaryB
88415Western Peaks ElementaryB
88416Parkview ElementaryB
88417Valley Vista High SchoolC
88421Trailside Point ElementaryB
88422Cortina ElementaryA
89266Desert Meadows Elementary SchoolB
89413Eduprize SchoolB
89415Sage AcademyB
89487Great Hearts Academies - Arete PrepCA
89551Ambassador AcademyNR
89557Concordia Charter SchoolB
89562Imagine Camelback MiddleC
89564Imagine Desert West MiddleC
89569Ellsworth Elementary SchoolC
89571Betty Fairfax High SchoolD
89572Steven R. Jasinski Elementary SchoolD
89573Youngker High SchoolB
89575Ocotillo Ridge ElementaryA
89576Gila Ridge High SchoolC
89577Heartland Ranch Elementary SchoolD
89578McCartney Ranch Elementary SchoolB
89579Villago Middle SchoolC
89580Chaparral Elementary SchoolA
89581Williams Field High SchoolB
89582Mesquite ElementaryA
89584Rivera ElementaryB
89585Rattlesnake Ridge ElementaryA
89586Verrado Elementary SchoolB
89587Circle Cross Ranch K8 SchoolB
89589Riggs ElementaryA
89590Ira A. Fulton ElementaryB
89591Arizona College Prep Erie CampusAA
89592Dos Rios ElementaryC
89593Mesa Academy for Advanced StudiesA
89594Quartz Hill ElementaryA
89596Tartesso Elementary SchoolB
89600Canyon Ridge SchoolA
89604Mountain ViewB
89605Gilbert Classical Academy Jr.B
89606Gilbert Classical Academy High SchoolA
89607St. Johns Learning CenterNR
89608Estrella Vista Elementary SchoolC
89613Perry High SchoolB
89616Leading Edge Academy at East MesaB
89622Madison Traditional AcademyB
89624Heritage Elementary - WilliamsC
89676Festival Foothills Elementary SchoolB
89748Desert Oasis Elementary SchoolD
89749Senita Valley Elementary SchoolA
89757Great Hearts Academies - Scottsdale PrepBA
89759Candeo PeoriaA
89775Coatimundi Middle SchoolB
89776San Carlos Unified School District #20 Alternative CenterNR
89778Franklin Police and Fire High SchoolA
89785Imagine Avondale ElementaryC
89787Imagine Coolidge ElementaryB
89789Imagine Prep SuperstitionC
89791Imagine Prep SurpriseB
89799San Tan Charter SchoolBNR
89821Riverview SchoolC
89828Paradise Honors High SchoolA
89830Great Hearts Academies - Glendale PrepBA
89851EAGLE College PrepC
89853Math and Science Success AcademyC
89858Magma Ranch K8 SchoolD
89859Combs High SchoolC
89860Ranch Elementary SchoolC
89866Kaizen Education Foundation dba Gilbert Arts AcademyC
89868Liberty Arts AcademyC
89872Sky IslandsNR
89907San Tan Foothills High SchoolC
89908Sierra Linda High SchoolC
89909Saddleback Elementary SchoolC
89910Butterfield Elementary SchoolC
89911Desert Wind Middle SchoolD
89912Newell Barney Middle SchoolB
89916Sonoran Science Academy - BroadwayA
89918Paragon Science AcademyAC
89920Children First Leadership AcademyF
89924Tres Rios Elementary SchoolB
89925Haley ElementaryB
89926Charlotte Patterson ElementaryA
89952Haven Montessori Charter SchoolA
89953Norterra Canyon K-8A
89955Raul H. Castro Middle SchoolC
90028Copper TrailsB
90035Imagine Prep CoolidgeFC
90037Riverbend PrepC
90038Biyaagozhoo CenterNR
90044TIA EastCNR
90045TIA WestDNR
90084Vista Grande High SchoolC
90124Campo Verde High SchoolB
90134Shadow Ridge High SchoolC
90135Lake Pleasant ElementaryA
90137South Verde Technology MagnetNR
90139Adams Traditional AcademyA
90141Pioneer Preparatory - A Challenge FoundationC
90143Great Hearts Academies - Teleos PrepC
90156Rincon Vista Middle SchoolA
90161Imagine Superstition MiddleC
90163Imagine Avondale MiddleB
90191Sinagua Middle SchoolD
90193Sun Valley Charter SchoolB
90194Mohave Accelerated Elementary School EastB
90200Academy Del SolNR
90271ASU Preparatory Academy- Phoenix ElementaryC
90272Freedom Academy NorthD
90274Phoenix Collegiate Academy Charter SchoolF
90276Paulden Community SchoolC
90277Harvest Preparatory Academy, San Luis AZC
90285Sonoran Science Academy - Davis MonthanBB
90286Youth Works Charter High SchoolNR
90302Arizona College Prep Oakland CampusA
90303Franklin Junior High SchoolA
90309Poston Butte High SchoolNRC
90315Centennial Elementary SchoolB
90318Vector Prep and Arts AcademyD
90322Edkey, Inc. - Sequoia Choice Precision SchoolNR
90324Sequoia Village High SchoolC
90325Cambridge Academy EastA
90341Inca Elementary SchoolC
90349Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics Middle SchoolB
90366Legacy Traditional School - Casa GrandeA
90377Sequoia Pathway AcademyCC
90385L. Thomas Heck Middle SchoolB
90393Summit SchoolNRNR
90470Future Investment Middle SchoolA
90507Academy Adventures MidtownNR
90509BASIS Oro ValleyAA
90534Legacy Traditional School - Queen CreekA
90550Mabel Padgett Elementary SchoolB
90551University High SchoolA
90635Great Hearts Academies - Anthem PrepBA
90638Leading Edge Academy MaricopaB
90639Sonoran Science Academy-PeoriaB
90667Desert Willow Elementary SchoolB
90752Franklin at Alma ElementaryB
90753Summit AcademyB
90755Jack Thoman Air and Space Academy and Performing Arts StudioNR
90769American Leadership Academy - Queen CreekCC
90770Academy Del Sol - HopeB
90772The Odyssey Preparatory AcademyC
90780Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center - EstrellaA
90807Combs Traditional AcademyB
90824Walden Grove High SchoolC
90863BASIS FlagstaffAA
90934Mountain View Preparatory SchoolB
90994Great Hearts Academies - Archway ScottsdaleA
90998Pima Rose AcademyNR
90999Great Hearts Academies - Archway ChandlerA
91000Great Hearts Academies - Archway VeritasB
91001Great Hearts Academies - Archway Trivium WestB
91054PLC Arts Academy at Scottsdale, Inc.B
91055BASIS PeoriaAA
91056BASIS ChandlerAA
91109South Phoenix Prep and Arts AcademyC
91111Scottsdale Country Day SchoolA
91132Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center, Inc. - Prescott ValleyB
91134Legacy Traditional School - ChandlerA
91136Legacy Traditional School - AvondaleA
91138Legacy Traditional School - Northwest TucsonA
91147Holsteiner Agricultural SchoolNR
91151La Tierra Community SchoolC
91156Great Hearts Academies - Trivium PrepCB
91157Havasu Preparatory AcademyB
91158Mission Heights Preparatory High SchoolB
91168Acacia Elementary SchoolA
91169Mesquite Elementary SchoolA
91171EAGLE College Prep HarmonyD
91173ALA San TanA
91175Leading Edge Academy Mountain ViewB
91202McCorkle PK-8C
91204Liberty Traditional Charter School - SaddlebackC
91205The Odyssey Preparatory Academy GoodyearB
91212Amerischools Academy NorthB
91217Peoria Traditional SchoolA
91292Andrada Polytechnic High SchoolB
91304ASU Preparatory Academy- Phoenix High SchoolB
91306ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic High SchoolA
91308ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic ElementaryA
91310Rogers Ranch SchoolB
91318Reid Traditional Schools' Painted Rock AcademyA
91323ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic Middle SchoolB
91338Copper View Elementary SchoolB
91343BASIS PhoenixAA
91422Great Hearts Academies - North Phoenix PrepBA
91712George Gervin Prep AcademyF
91754Fireside Elementary SchoolA
91764Legacy Traditional Charter School - Laveen VillageB
91765Leading Edge Academy San TanB
91766BASIS Tucson NorthBA
91772Lee Williams High SchoolC
91775The Paideia Academy of South PhoenixC
91778ALA MesaB
91781Great Hearts Academies - Maryvale PrepB
91782Changemaker High SchoolC
91783Empower College PrepD
91785Great Hearts Academies - Archway North PhoenixB
91789Open Doors Community SchoolD
91791Ball Charter Schools (Val Vista)B
91793ALA QC ElemB
91794John & Carol Carlson ElementaryB
91805La Paloma Academy-SouthC
91812Franklin at Brimhall ElementaryA
91818Happy Valley School East CampusC
91825Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International StudiesCB
91879Great Hearts Academies - Archway GlendaleC
91896Tucson Collegiate PrepNR
91908Gowan Science AcademyA
91913Tempe Academy of International Studies McKemy CampusC
91926Camino MontessoriNR
91985Avondale Middle SchoolB
91997BASIS MesaBA
92030BASIS AhwatukeeBA
92048Legacy Traditional Charter School - GilbertA
92050The Rising SchoolCNR
92081Fairbanks Middle SchoolC
92176Mexicayotl AcademyNR
92177Vista College PreparatoryA
92197Academy of Mathematics and Science SouthB
92223Hirsch Academy A Challenge FoundationD
92224Desert Mirage Preparatory AcademyC
92230Incito SchoolsD
92233The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Sienna HillsC
92234Canyon View Prep AcademyA
92235Learning Foundation and Performing Arts WarnerC
92239Morgan Maxwell SchoolC
92244Arizona City Elementary SchoolD
92246Glenview College Preparatory High SchoolC
92247The Farm at Mission Montessori AcademyA
92248Phoenix Collegiate Academy High SchoolD
92249Desert Heights Preparatory AcademyBB
92259Cooley Middle SchoolA
92260Sossaman Middle SchoolB
92270Benjamin Franklin High SchoolBB
92280Mountain Vista AcademyNRNR
92290Edkey, Inc. - Pathfinder Academy - Sequoia LehiC
92296Gila Valley Learning CenterNR
92303Desert Star AcademyC
92313Great Hearts Academies - Archway AreteC
92315Great Hearts Academies - Archway CiceroA
92317Great Hearts Academies - Cicero PrepB
92319BASIS Oro Valley PrimaryB
92321BASIS PrescottANR
92326ASU Preparatory Academy - Phoenix Middle SchoolC
92345Noah Webster Schools-PimaC
92348American Leadership Academy Anthem South CampusB
92350BASIS Phoenix Central PrimaryA
92376Esmond Station SchoolA
92492Edkey Inc. - Pathfinder Academy at EastmarkA
92497Las Puertas Community SchoolFNR
92500Copper Point High SchoolFNR
92501Champion ChandlerC
92521Heritage Academy LaveenDD
92522Heritage Academy Queen CreekCB
92523Harvest Preparatory Academy, GoodyearB
92525Vista PeakNRNR
92561Paulo Freire Freedom School - DowntownB
92563EAGLE College Prep MaryvaleB
92567Arizona Language PreparatoryNR
92594SySTEM PhoenixC
92597Franklin Phonetic Primary School-SunnyslopeNR
92598Arizona Autism Charter SchoolNR
92601EAGLE College Preparatory School- MesaB
92605Madison Highland PrepB
92611Sweetwater Community SchoolNRNR
92617Pieceful Solutions Charter SchoolNR
92619Western School of Science and TechnologyBC
92621Horizon Honors Elementary SchoolA
92635Cottonwood ElementaryA
92636Jefferson Preparatory High SchoolCB
92637Westland School Brighton CampusFF
92638Sunset Heights Elementary SchoolA
92645Sunflower SchoolNRNR
92706Las Brisas AcademyC
92707Great Hearts Academies - Archway Trivium EastB
92708Great Hearts Academies - Archway LincolnB
92731Leman Academy of ExcellenceB
92732Great Hearts Academies - Lincoln PrepC
92735BASIS GoodyearA
92737BASIS Goodyear PrimaryB
92769Academy of Math and Science CamelbackC
92770Gallego Intermediate Fine Arts Magnet SchoolD
92866BASIS Chandler Primary- South CampusB
92878Verrado Heritage Elementary SchoolA
92880Legacy Traditional School - SurpriseA
92883Bella Vista AcademyNR
92885American Leadership Academy - IronwoodCC
92890Self Development Academy-PhoenixB
92891Dr. Gary and Annette Auxier Elementary SchoolB
92892Dr. Camille Casteel High SchoolCB
92893Ethos Academy- A Challenge Foundation AcademyNR
92903AIM Higher College Prep AcademyF
92906Create AcademyNR
92907Sonoran FoothillsA
92911Gateway Polytechnic AcademyB
92912George Washington AcademyF
92921The Early Career AcademyNR
92961Maricopa Institute of TechnologyNR
92975Empower Collegiate AcademyNR
92984Arizona Autism Charter School, Upper School CampusNR
92994Pima Prevention Partnership-TucsonNR
93000Copper Ridge ElementaryA
93009Bridges Elementary SchoolA
93010BASIS Chandler Primary - North CampusB
126443Pensar AcademyA
181823Maricopa Institute of TechnologyNR
221992Phoenix Coding AcademyC
229646Legacy Traditional School – GlendaleB
411380Legacy Traditional School – North ChandlerA
530879Fine Arts AcademyF
635758ASU Preparatory Academy - Casa Grande HSC
649230The Grande InnovationC
713837Gladden Farms ElementaryB
756942Paseo Pointe SchoolC
948673Indian Oasis Intermediate Elementary SchoolNR
956267Leman Academy of Excellence, Sierra VistaC
969999Hope College and Career Readiness AcademyNR
991308Painted Desert Montessori, LLCF