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At AZCIR, we believe in the power of collaborative investigative reporting. We see our organization as a resource and partner for Arizona news organizations that value quality, in-depth, accountability journalism. If you are interested in working with our newsroom, serving as a publishing partner or need data analysis as a service, contact us here:

Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting
PO Box 3665
Phoenix, AZ 85030-3665
Email: info at

The Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting is an independent, nonprofit media organization dedicated to statewide accountability journalism in Arizona. AZCIR’s mission is to produce, foster and promote investigative journalism through original and collaborative reporting, public events and trainings, for the betterment of our communities.

We accomplish this through innovative, interactive and in-depth investigative reporting that incorporates data analysis and visualizations, multimedia gathering for publication in all news mediums and interactive digital content such as geographic mapping and spatial analysis. We publish our content digitally on and through partnerships with Arizona news organizations.

AZCIR seeks to establish itself as a voice for investigative reporting in Arizona, serving as a content producer and collaborator, as well as an organization that highlights and discusses exceptional accountability journalism in our state. We are working to build an environment of collaborative investigative journalism, by which newsrooms can combine resources for greater impact. AZCIR will serve at the core of those collaborations, in addition to providing original content for statewide distribution.